As Carson Shared With Lady Mary…

There is something very meta going on here, as we say in Brooklyn. My daughter Yael and her office husband Matthew sat me down one day(in a figurative sense) and said I should be writing a blog. Matthew thought it should be titled “WWGDGD?”. Guess everyone knows “J” by his first name, but you need all three initials to identify me.

Their idea came from the constant stream of tech, film and book recommendations I make to all and sundry. Obviously, I took the first suggestion, though not the latter, and “I Spy” resulted.

By chance, I had been following a similar, though much more erudite blogger, Jesse Kornbluth, who writes under the title of “Head Butler”. He curates, in the truest sense, books, films, music and various products to improve your life. Thanks to him, I now use Anthelios 50+ Fluide Extreme Moisturizer (love it!), my espresso is beautifully ground by my Capresso Burr Coffee Grinder and my whole family is equipped with the amazing Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Mugs. They keep your coffee warm for six hours, and have a lip for easy sipping!

I now listen to Arvö Part’s music, and my ringtone for Phil is a Bach cello concerto. I’ve read “The Hare with the Amber Eyes” and “Defending Jacob”. And “The Battle of Algiers” and “Dodsworth”, as well as “A Face in the Crowd” are on my “to see” list. Come on, Netflix, get with the program!
And now my Head Butler has published “ The 100 Essentials: Books, music and movies for people with more taste than time”, and I am furiously taking notes on new and old books, films music and great stuff.

By the way, despite my obvious fondness for (I consider myself the Amazon Queen), I am not on their payroll.

Now just as Carson and Lady Mary don’t always see eye to eye, Jesse and I have our moments. This week he commented on the allegations against Woody Allen, then recommended a Norwegian film about a teacher wrongly accused of sexual impropriety. Hmmmm. And then the next day he recommended a biography of Frank Sinatra that slams Mia Farrow (and does a number on old a Frank as well). Double hmmmm. So I am suspecting that he might be Team Woody while I am Team Dylan-both in the absence of any data.

He is also a jazz aficionado, while I lean toward classical, country and rock. But differences just add spice to a relationship.

So may I recommend my Head Butler to you?

And if what I Spy might be interesting to friends of yours, please share anytime.

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