Greetings, Earthlings!

I have decided to continue blogging, but instead of life in Australia as my topic, will share some of the things that catch my attention, in politics, food, technology, culture, or life in general. Clearly I have no shortage of opinions to share.

Compelled by my sense of order to give the blog a title, I settled on “I Spy”, which has resonance for me on a number of levels-the child’s game, the TV show (Cosby as the slender, first-black-man-hero-sidekick), and the idea that the blog will be about what catches my eye (or ear, throat or heart).

So first up is a review of a new book written for the Young Adult market, which would be a shame to limit only to Young Adults. Old Adults will be charmed and shaken by it as well.

To diverge for a moment, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games trilogy, and over the years, have been discreetly dipping into the pool of fiction intended for a crowd decades younger than I am. I don’t think that it means I am the overused “young at heart”, or that I am trying to relive my youth, rather that there is some compelling writing out there targeted for that demographic that has meaning for this demographic, and possibly those in between as well. And frankly, the pickings for Young Adults when I fit the profile were pretty slim, so I am retrospectively catching up.

But “The Fault In Our Stars”, by John Green is something special. When I say it is about two teenagers with terminal cancer, I know that your interest is already evaporating. Mine almost did. But it is a love story, a real love story, told by a ruthless young girl, who sees life as it is, and revels in it. The story is simple, compelling, and contains some surprising twists. I used to cry over books on a regular basis (Oh, Beth, why did you have to die? It should have been Amy!), I haven’t for a long while-until now.

I realize that I have not made a compelling case for reading it, but the book is short (though I had to put it down and rest up for the ending), brings up fascinating questions of philosophy and mortality, and is a wonderful read. And what more can be said about two young people in love?  You have to have been there or read the book.

Let me know your responses to it.

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